People Say I have a “Way with Words”


Hello, my name is Hoda and I have a rare-incurable disease. Some people refer to it as “Single” but I know better than that, they know nothing about life. I see the way they look at me. The same way you would look at someone who just told you their puppy was terminally ill. I am just a typical 20-something year old college grad working full-time at a fortune 500 company, completing my Masters part time, volunteering on the weekends and beating a 120 pound kickboxing bag 5x a week (I have abs, but I can’t show you because I cover). I’m a Muslim-American-Egyptian addicted to fashion, food, family and friends.

But more importantly, I am single and every chance someone gets they remind me of that, why is THAT? Have I not achieved anything in life until I have committed to a man? Is my college degree irrelevant if I don’t have to cook and clean every day? People say I have a way with words and some people find me funny, so I decided to share my funny single tales (which have been over dramatized for heightened comedic effect) with the world. I don’t believe in being selfish and so here I am, bestowing wisdom, humor and sarcasm on all my readers (or lack thereof). I’m hoping my posts will inspire people, make people laugh (maybe even cry). I once told my 8th grade English teacher (God rest her soul) that I would continue to write, so here I am, keeping my word in hopes that these ramblings will help me cope with the unfortunate fact that I am, indeed, as single as a dolla dolla bill ya’ll $.

Wait, I just want you all to know, I am not bitter, or sad, I actually have so many blessings in my life that I am grateful for each and every day. I just figured if I am going to be single I might as well laugh at it. #Yolo

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting weekly starting January 11th. In the meantime, here’s a really single (happy) pic of me on NYE.Image




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