Reflections: Memories vs Money


I want everyone to know a really important piece of information that I think we may have lost sight of. All the wealth, all the possessions and all the property we make and own in this world will not follow us to our final resting place. Once we are put in a box, placed in the ground and covered in dirt it will not matter how much we made, what we bought or where we lived.

There are some things we can take with us though. Our good deeds. And then there are the memories we will leave behind for others to reflect on. So you better make sure you leave some damn good memories with those you surround yourself with.

I am realizing lately that I am guilty of chasing this life. I remember being in college, looking into jobs and refusing to work at a company that wasn’t a household name. If it wasn’t fortune-500 I would overlook it. Thinking that I would be insignificant if I didn’t make enough money to buy my dream car as soon as I graduated. Thinking that if I didn’t get a raise every year and a bonus that it would not all be worthwhile. I am convinced this is something I picked up from society and by being surrounded by people who didn’t realize what the purpose of life on this earth was all about.

When I reflect on my childhood and how my parents raised my siblings and I, I am proud to say that material things, money and wealth were not my parents priorities. Instead, my parents enriched us with the remembrance of God, with wealth in the knowledge of the lives of the Prophets and with an abundance of love and respect. They loved us enough to nurture and guide us but respected us enough to allow us to make our own decisions, our own mistakes that ultimately shaped our character and made us the people we are today. I realize now how important these things really are and that everything else in life is simply an added bonus.

As I grow up, quickly approaching my 24th year on this earth I am learning to reflect more and prioritize the things that matter to me most. With the loss of those near and dear to my heart, both young and old, I am constantly reminded how quickly life on this earth goes by. That the time I spend with others should only be in a positive environment. I am wasting less and less time doing things I hate and more time doing the things that help me grow as a person. I am learning that the life we lead here is but a moment’s time in the grand scheme of things. That I am only on this earth as a servant of God and that what I do here will ultimately lead to where I spend the rest of eternity, and personally, I am seeking to spend eternity in light, not in darkness.

And so I am realizing more and more that the importance of making memories exceeds the importance of making money. I am of course, typing this at my nice desk, on a nice laptop etc. I’m not saying to give up everything nice you have, quit your job and focus on making good memories and pleasing God. What I am trying to say that it is extremely important to be humble, live in moderation. Realize that we are simply visitors of this earth and to stop taking for granted all the blessings we have.

With all this being said. Make sure you save 20% of your income. My wise accountant told me this, at the end of the day you need financial security in case of emergencies (Gucci bags are not an emergency).

A few weeks ago while out with friends someone blurted something out that made so much sense to me. She said “we really don’t live within our means”. I am realizing that there’s a huge problem with society and my generation in general. We bury ourselves in unnecessary debt to get things we really don’t need (your college education is something you need so don’t feel bad about your student loan). So, friends, I leave you with the wise words of my pseudo-older sister.. “Live within your means”. If you can’t pay it off at the end of the month then your a$$ can’t have it. #Dassit.

making memories with my silly sis <3

making memories with my silly sis ❤

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Xx H


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