Like Me Like You Mean It


Like Me Like You Mean It

Friends, I have this new found talent. No, it’s not my inability to stay attentive. It’s the talent to attract boys that are incapable of making me swoon. Why you ask? Well, because time and time again it seems that my girl friends make better boyfriends than the dudes trying to court me. Does that make any sense?! I’ve been single for a pretty long time. Why? Because it seems that every time I get to know someone new there is a recurring theme. Over and over again I find myself having the same conversation with them. They tell me that they like me, but their actions make me feel like an after-thought and I get over them faster than I can unpack my luggage from my last trip. See below for details:

Call Me Back

I seem to have missed something… People do not talk on the phone anymore, and they don’t know what the concept of returning a phone call is. This is frustrating to me for one simple reason: I feel like if I can call someone, they can call me back. Right?

For me, I have the most fulfilling conversations with people on the phone or in person, if you can only hold a conversation over text it makes me wonder if you filter everything that you say, I see those bubbles coming up, then you stop because you see my bubbles coming up, just say what you have to say!… speaking of conversation…

Stimulate My Intellect

I hate meaningless conversations. If I didn’t learn something, or didn’t have my intellect stimulated I get bored and lose interest. I hate getting “wyd?” texts, just don’t even text me if you have nothing better to say or ask. I despise conversations that make me walk away feeling like my IQ dropped (let’s be honest, I can’t afford that, my brain is my money maker).. 

I love feeling inspired. Inspired to travel, to grow, to become a better version of myself and so on. 

Make Effort

Making effort goes hand in hand with respect and appreciation. Listen, it is not that damn hard to make me feel special. I don’t want your stupid mass-snap-chats. I feel like if I can take time out of my schedule to make efforts to hang out, talk on the phone etc, then I should feel like that effort is reciprocated. If you want to make a woman feel good about herself and secure in her relationship with you, all you have to do is show some appreciation and put effort into making her feel like she is special to you. I don’t think of myself as needy, I think of myself as human. Attention, respect, effort- that’s all I ask for. Maybe this is considered “high-maintenance” but if that’s what you call it, then bye, take a damn seat, because I guess I can just continue to maintain my damn self. 

Real Talk

As I grow, I learn more about myself and the things that make for a fulfilling relationship. I gain this whole new appreciation for realizing what I deserve. I am learning to walk away from people who don’t make me feel special. The truth is, I would rather spend time with my girl friends and my family than waste my precious time on someone who does not appreciate me. I think that’s only fair. So, if you can’t make me feel appreciated, step aside, take a seat, and watch me from a distance until you’re ready.