Bio: Hello, my name is Hoda and I have a rare-incurable disease. Some people refer to it as “Single” but I know better than that, they know nothing about life. I see the way they look at me. The same way you would look at someone who just told you their puppy was terminally ill. I am just a typical 20-something year old college grad working full-time at a fortune 500 company, completing my Masters part time, volunteering on the weekends and beating a 120 pound kickboxing bag 5x a week (I have abs, but I can't show you because I cover). I'm a Muslim-American-Egyptian addicted to fashion, food, family and friends. But more importantly I am single and I am here to share my over dramatized single tales. Enjoy! Check out my recent posts on the left, make sure you "Like" and "Share The Humor". Xx H

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